One Usually, dents That have this gentile A dent can be Removed without Paint and bodywork They're everywhere, those Objects and clumsy people just Waiting for a chance to put a Ding in your flawless paint and Bodywork. Regardless of how hard you try and shield your ride, it can still occur. The cure is typically a trip to Paint jail, where the guards add a little body filler and attempt to Match your car's spotless finish to Rehabilitate the metal. But there is a etter way to cure This sheetmetal attack, and it's Accomplished without paint and Bodywork. It's called paintless dent Repair[**] and it's available thru a spread of sellers nationwide. With A qualified expert and a collection Of extremely special tools and strategies, 52 April 2004 CHEVY High-performance Many minor dings can be removed To leave the area as mirror-straight As before. Best of all, there's not Worry of any finish not matching, as the existing paint will customarily stay intact. The entire Process is typically accomplished In a few hours for far less cash than conventional bodywork. But beforee we go further, it's Best to piint out that certain dam- Age is too severe or found in Ares that can't be fixed. For Many little dents and dings, how- Ever, the process works particularly well. The shape of the ding, the age 2 You can mostly gain access behind a Dent without having To get too creative, but for this crease, A small hole needed To be drilled under- Neath the door's Weatherstripping. 3 Cleavenger slipped One of these special Tools through the Hole to reach the area Behind the dent. four After one or two Minutes of messaging, The dent is beginning To vanish. This Is possible because The technique relieves Stress from the ding, And as the Metal "remembers" To come back to it Original shape. five To relieve any Stress from the Dented area, Cleavenger delicately Works round the Top area by tapping A tough plastic stick Onto the surface. If any high spots Are present, he gently taps them Back in, too. 6 These are only a Few of the special Tools of the trade. Most vitally is knowing the best way to Use them and feel the Communication back Through the tool as Each ding is being Worked back out. 7 To fill the access Hole after the ding is Removed, Cleavenger Uses on of these Factory-looking Plastic plugs. Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Simi Valley, mobile repair or in our facility.
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